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Personal Rover: New Electronic Transportation Device


Personal Rover is a new personal transportation device that’s powered by a rechargeable battery. On a single full charge, you can drive it up to 12 miles away with a maximum speed of 15 mph or equal to 24 kmph. Driving this device is easy, it’s very intuitive, and works with your body movements. As you can see in the video demo below, to turn lean your body from side to side and to brake you simply push the finger trigger in the opposite direction.

I know Honda has the high-tech U3-X personal mobility device that’s really cool. But now I’m not in position to compare both devices. The Personal Rover allows you to control the speed by a finger-trigger. And for better riding control, this sleek device has low ground clearance at only 5-inch. Priced at $999, the Personal Rover comes with 800 watts of electric motor and works great in crowds just like a bicycle or scooter, what you need to do is slow down the speed between 2-5 mph.

If you still prefer bicycle than this brand new device, has great offers for you.



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